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Formal | Wedding | NOLA | Stefani LaViers | KKD Photography
Formal | NOLA | Stefani LaViers | KKD Photography

I'm Stefani, a mom of two wonderful little boys, Mason and Camden. My husband, Will, bought my first "big girl" camera for me shortly before the birth of our older son, Mason. Taking photos of Mason and Camden have taken me on such an amazing journey. I take photos daily of my two little ones. They allow me to grow my skills and document their daily life. 

After taking so many photos of my own littles, I branched out to families and friends. While I like photographing families, my heart lies with high school seniors. I love being a High School Senior Portrait Photographer.

High school was a hard time for me. While I had a close group of friends (mostly guys) I was labeled and bullied. I was always made to feel less than. I first started photographing high school seniors as fun. The more I photographed seniors, especially young women, the more I realized I was able to help a few of them. High school is such a hard time for so many. No one should be bullied, labeled or made to feel the way I did. Empowering these young women, and making them feel as beautiful as they are is amazing. I love seeing the genuine smiles as we work through the photo shoot. I love the reactions from the students and parents when they see their photos for the first time.