2020 Model Team in NYC

On Sunday, April 28, I took my senior model team on their destination shoot in New York City. Even though it was chilly, we had an absolute blast. I was so worried about the forecast, it was a chance of rain all day, luckily it only rained while the girls had their makeup done.

Our first stop of the day was MAC Cosmetics in Times Square. Emily, Mia and Juliann had their makeup done full glam for our day ahead. There are some great makeup artists there for sure, I'm positive we got the best ones.

Emily had Vanessa do her natural glam makeup. Vanessa had great tips to take care of Emily's skin and cover some of her blemishes. Vanessa was able to give Emily advice on how to take care of her combination skin for the best results.

Juliann had the amazing Yolanda. Juliann had originally wanted a more natural look, luckily Yolanda talked her into a more glam look for the day. Juliann LOVED her look and she looked bomb!

Mia had Milli complete her look with fabulous makeup! Milli was super knowledgeable and gave Mia a look she was super excited to show off.

After MAC we went right out on the streets of NYC. Like typical tourists, we hit up Times Square first. Juliann was first to strut her stuff; she nailed it!

Emily and Mia are more reserved, their least favorite location was Times Square with everyone looking at them, but they were awesome! Mia really worked it in her casual outfit. Yellow looks great on her!

Juliann came up with this fun image on her own!

Our next stop was another NYC classic, The Mall in Central Park. Everyone has seen it, you know, the classic movie scene- Central Park, long walkway lined with benches. Yep! We went there. I wanted classic leading lines, bustled with people just enjoying their day. This is exactly what I got. While it started to get gloomy, the light rain held off just enough.

While walking to The Mall, we passed a set of stairs, we just couldn't resist. All 3 girls rocked their poses on the steps. We were off the main path so the girls were mainly out of sight, they really let lose and worked it! Emily always has fun goofing off in front of my camera!

Mia had an adorable outfit that showed off her tiny waist.

Our final stop was John Finley Walk. This was the perfect spot for the girls to throw on their formal dresses. John Finley Walk is a walkway over FDR drive right along the East River. This walkway has gorgeous views of water, boats, and the beautiful Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

These young ladies absolutely killed it in NYC. I'm so excited they're part of my team and look forward to more sessions throughout the year with them.

Thinking of joining SLP's model team? It's not too late. SLP accepts new models throughout the year for multiple concept shoots and your premier senior session.

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