Brooke's Dirty 30

Back in December, Brooke contacted me to photograph her 30th birthday photos. Um, ABSOLUTELY! Due to weather we had to reschedule multiple times. So come June (now her half birthday) we finally were able to do them!

Brooke had so many ideas for her birthday photo shoot. Her best idea, she waned to be fierce! She sure hit the nail on the head with that! Brooke killed it!

Brooke saw photos I did in Graffiti Alley, Baltimore before and loved it. Her all black outfit worked perfectly for the colorful location!

Being human, Brooke was so nervous when we started. But she opened up and NAILED IT!

I loved the crown she brought. Its actually a Christmas Tree Topper from At Home! How awesome is that?!

I loved Brooke's fun and goofy side.

Side Note: Brooke shaved her head and went natural for a few years. She JUST had braids put back in and they look amazing. Braids are definitely her.

She wanted to spin, and I just adored the movement of her skirt!

I could share Brooke's photos all day long! She was fierce and so gorgeous!

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