Making the most of your senior portraits

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

High school portraits are your time to shine. This time in your life is special and momentous. Whether this is the first time you've had professional portraits or not, Stefani LaViers Photography is here to help guide you through. Follow through these do's and don’ts to get your best senior portraits.

Plan several outfits.

During your photo shoot you will have time for 3-4 outfits, maybe more. Be sure to include different styles, casual, semi-formal or even formal.

Don’t forget to accessorize every outfit; from footwear to jewelry, even hats if you love them. Don’t over-accessorize though.

Make sure all shoes are clean since they will be shown in some photos.

Make sure undergarments coordinate with your clothing. Tucking in or moving strap isn’t always pleasing to the eye. Try on your complete outfit, undergarments and all, before your session.

Keep clothing simple.

Stay away from outfits with words, pictures or bold designs. They will take away from you. You want your eyes to be the focus of attention, not your clothing. (One exception is your school logo)

Hair and Make-up

My hair and makeup artist will bring out the best in you. We want you to look the best. While you may want to go all out glam, you might not look like yourself. We will bring powder along to keep from being “too dewy.” You will be wearing more makeup than you typically do since the camera tends to washout faces.

Your senior portraits are not the time to experiment with hairstyles or color. You want your photos to be classic. Getting your hair cut or colored one week before is recommended.

Don’t stress about braces or blemishes, I’ll take care of you. I want you to look and feel as perfect as you are.

Don’t overdue your tan.

Whether spray tan or natural tan, try not to overdue. You don’t want to look back and think you were orange.


If you want something featured in your senior portraits, let me know! I love incorporating your things into photos.


Your fingernails and maybe even toenails will be shown in your photos. Make sure they are either fully natural or polished. Chipped polish doesn’t photograph well.

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