Updated: Mar 23, 2019

This summer, I have had an obsession with mermaids. I cannot get enough of all things mermaid and ocean related.

I started with mermaids at a gorgeous waterfall right here in Harford County, Kilgore Falls. If you have never been, I highly suggest it. My family and I love going there for photo sessions and water play. My boys are 2 and 4, it's perfect wading water for them.

Two of my gorgeous girls, Emily and Madison were able to model these tails. The tails are from FinFun. I'm not an affiliate, I just love the tails I bought from them.

Emily and I also went to OCMD and got some gorgeous photos of her on the beach with her tail. Added some Photoshop magic and Emily, turned into a true mermaid, scales and all.

Photoshop magic gave Emily some scales

I cannot wait to head back to Kilgore Falls and photograph two more mermaids. The weather here hasn't cooperated. Keeping my fingers crossed for our next date!

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