My Why

Why do I do what I do?

Everyone says they would go back to high school in a minute. Me? Not so much, I would never wish high school on my worse enemy. When I was in high school, I was bullied. I had a small group of friends but wasn't popular at all. I was too fat, too thin, ugly, etc. You name it, I was called it. Teens are mean. I was labeled a 'bitch' for trying to stand up for myself.

Girls are mean. I always found to get along with boys better than other girls, and for that I was labeled a 'slut' and a 'tease.' I played football on weekends and later, rugby. I had aggression because of all the crap around me.

Graduating was the time of my life. A time I knew I wouldn't have to do again. I could say goodbye to all of the people that made high school rough for me.

No one should be made to feel less than. No one should have to be bullied or change who they are for others.

Photographing high school seniors, especially young women, makes me so happy. To see the happiness and personality shine through in photos, is awesome. Girls have the time of their lives being pampered with professional hair and makeup. During the photo shoot, we're non-stop laughs, jokes, and just plain fun.

Seeing the excitement on both student and parents faces during the reveal, leaves me speechless. Everyone should have the opportunity, at least once in their life, to be the center of attention. To see yourself as beautiful as you truly are.

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