Shoot & Share 2019


So if you haven't heard of the Shoot & Share contest, you're missing out! The contest is the only free photo contest in the world. Not only do professional photographers and amateurs enter, a ton of people spend all of February voting.

This year approximately 15,700 individuals entered from across the globe. This is about 4,000 more than last year. From those 15,000+ individuals, 583,150 images were entered.

This year, Stefani LaViers Photography went "All In" by submitting 50 photos. Most of the photos were of my high school seniors. There is a category for high school senior photographers "Teens & Seniors."

Stefani had multiple images place in the top 10%, 20% and 30%.

Top 10%

I am absolutely beyond ecstatic that my favorite session of the year; Graffiti Alley, placed in the top 10% of all photos. I adore Emily's expression paired with the gorgeous rainbow road of Graffiti Alley that leads to Motor House in Baltimore.

Top 10%

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