We Love Summer Senior Sessions

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Many high school seniors (and their parents) wonder when the best time to book your senior photo session. My advice: Book your session the summer before your senior year. I know, it seems really early, but it's not. Why?

7. Trend-setter: By getting your senior portraits the summer before, your friends will all be gushing over your photos. You will be the first and they will follow in your footsteps.

6. Summer environment: Summers tends to lend the most beautiful colors. Grass is green, flowers are bloomed, and trees are full. There is color everywhere. Even the most simplistic black will go well with the lush environment. Sunflowers are a favorite here in Maryland. Sunflowers tend to bloom in late August and September. But sometimes Maryland weather happens, and Hello October sunflowers!

5. Time: By scheduling your senior portraits during the summer, you will have much more time to plan. Without your school schedule to worry about. More time to shop for cute summer outfits to create your unique wardrobe. I can't imagine trying to squeeze in my senior portrait session between homework, sports, and clubs. Save yourself the hassle.

4. Light: Summer months mean longer days. My sessions are up to 4 hours long. We can start later in the day and still have amazing light. The summer sun lends to a gorgeous cast on your skin.

3. Skin: During the summer months, you tend to have the best skin. Your sun-kissed skin will look amazing in the summer sun. Vitamin D also helps prevent breakouts. Although, summer might have your skin sparkling (because we don't sweat, right?)

2. Water Fun: Summer is the perfect time for your senior portraits to be done in the water. Beach, river, lake, on a boat- the possibilities are endless. OCMD has many great places for your senior portraits. Let's take a trip!

1. Deadlines: Many local schools have a November Deadline for your photos to be submitted to the yearbook.

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