What does it mean to be a "Full Service" photographer?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

When you think of a boutique you think of a small shop the offers a personalized shopping experience. The customer service you receive at a big box store will never compare to the customer service experience you will receive at a boutique.

Here at Stefani LaViers Photography, we are full service. But what exactly does that mean? Most photographers today fall into two categories; either "shoot and burn" or "full-service."

We used to be considered as shoot-and-burn style photographer, we took your photos, edited them, and delivered a full online gallery for clients to download and keep forever on a computer. Most likely your photos would never see the light of day and forever be un-printed. We had found by doing it this way, there was little contact with our clients. Each experience had little to no personalization. Communication was limited to emails or text messages.

Stefani LaViers Photography has recently changed to a full service photographer. A full service photographer offers the utmost in customer service. We will be here start to finish to personalize your experience. Educating clients and helping select their hard to find, heirloom quality prints and products such as wall art are a top priority. We will meet you in your home for your photo premier. We will choose and design your products together so you know exactly what will go where in your home.

Your expectations of our company should not be met, but exceeded.

We cannot wait to work with you!

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