Style Guide

10 Tips to look your best for your family's photo session

 1. Coordinate. Don't match
          Matching identical styles are rarely flattering. There is no reason your mini me you to look identical to you. The best way to keep everyone looking unified without matching is coordinating colors. Picking just two, or maybe even three that flatters the whole family. Work those colors into everyone's outfits at varying degrees. Try on of the beautiful combinations below.

2. Flatter your figure
          Your outfit will be seen forever. You're going to want to look and feel your best. Make sure, when trying on your outfit, that it flatters you in many positions. You're going to want to sit, stand, even lay in your outfit. 

3. Think classic but current

           Don't go with very date-able trends. Try to stick with classic shapes. Classic shapes can make the trendy color or pattern more palatable in the coming years. Classic pieces can be pulled together with up to date accessories. The small details matter and can change the look of an entire outfit.

4. Avoid Makeup Mistakes

          One of the biggest blunders during a photo session is makeup. The camera tends to wash out the face, so a little more makeup than your used to will be your best bet. However, you still want to look like you. I always suggest clients have their hair and makeup professionally done. The stylists at Coco Leigh Hair Boutique in Bel Air do a phenomenal job. You still want to stick with a timeless makeup application to love your look in years to come. Try to stay away from a very dark smokey eye, it tends to look like the eyes are sunken in.

5. Groom the guys, too!

          Most men are reluctant when it comes to photos. We want him to feel like himself, no matter what he's wearing. Details matter for him just as much as they do for the woman. Make sure shirts and pants are well pressed, wrinkles are not something that can be easily photo-shopped. No dingy whites. Shoes should be clean and shined. Socks should match the pants, not the shoes. It will look terrible for a white athletic sock peeking out from the bottom of black or khaki pants. If he's for it, a cool knit hat, a watch, or even a scarf look great, as long as he doesn't look unrecognizable. 

6. Accessorize 

          It's trendy to pile on a statement necklace, armfuls or bangles, and multi layered colors, but in ten years, your photos will be dated. Instead, pick a few gorgeous pieces you love, and limit them. One (or two) carefully selected embellishments make a stronger impact. The eye needs the statement piece to add interest. 

          Keep children looking like children. Limit the scaled down version of adult accessories. If a single, oversize bow fits her style, go for it! Then scale back the other accessories she has.

          Woman can express themselves the most through accessories. A favorite way to add interest is a gorgeous colorful bracelet, or metal. If you prefer earrings, make sure your hairstyle is not too distracting.

7. Themes?

          If it suits you and your family, choose a subtle theme to incorporate into your photo session. The theme can stem from location, family interest, or even the clothing itself. We don't want to theme too much (think 80's track suit photos!)

8. Keep hair natural

          The ideal way to wear your hair, is a glammed up version of your everyday hair. Mom- invest in a professional blowout for a polished look. The stylists at Coco Leigh Hair Boutique love doing blowouts! 

          For children, simple, flattering, 


Looking for outfit inspiration? Look no further.


Mint & Pink 

Dusty Rose & Navy

Pale Blue & Gray

White & Lavender




Blush & Sage

Light Gray & Lavender

Navy & Lemon

Moss & Gold




Forest Green & Champagne

Mustard & Burgundy

Burgundy & Blue

Mustard & Brown

Orange & Gray

Sage & Mustard




Red & Gold

Green & Navy

Mustard & Black

Gray & Cranberry